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        What makes a great Content Director? and 8 tips to make your work just as successful

        To quote Gino DiMaggio of Infobiliary Media,

        The greatness of our work comes from the collaborative effort of the whole team

        Great content will become great because it engages the community. And because it engages the community, the team can deliver more great work — more valuable content — to the community. And because the team can deliver more great work to the community, the team can become more valuable, too. That’s the way to go. Great work makes great work. Great work is what you are aiming for.

        So as the saying goes, “do good work and your talent will flourish.” Great work is all around you, even if you don’t know it yet.

        Awareness is the first step toward great content. And awareness is what makes a great content director. So if you are a great content director, stay aware of the community you are working in and make sure your content is valuable for that community. Stay focused on your value. Stay focused on what makes great work. And if you have the opportunity to write content for your business community, do it. Be useful. Get involved. Engage with your community. Deliver great value. And the best thing about a great content director: He or she will likely get promoted.

        Success for these types of content directors also comes from harnessing their marketing skills.

        The UK has an army of content marketers and in the coming years they are going to be busy as ever. The reason is that online marketing and content is not going to let us win anymore; it is going to take us all over the world and turn every business into a digital one. We need to be the masters of digital marketing and content.

        By the end of 2020, UK digital advertising spend was projected to be worth approximately 15.6 billion British pounds.

        I feel a few more people in the marketing and advertising world need to recognise the skills of the content directors as they are the real masters of the digital marketing world.

        Nobody would argue that they’ve earned a degree in journalism, but the impact a content director makes is not just restricted to reporting on news. A good content director goes beyond being a great storyteller, creating unique content which engages people in interesting ways.

        If you’re currently doing something similar in your own work, here are 8 tips to make your work just as successful:

        Quantity is not the key

        You’ve probably read that over and over, but too many amazing stories fail.

        You need to write a story that will engage your audience, encourage them to find out more, and then ultimately make them think, or even cry, when they read it. When you can combine the key phrases “wow” and “annoy”, that’s what you want.

        Leave room for someone else to do it

        We often think of ourselves as creative writers. With all the freedom of a lone wolf, we have to bear the burden of endless editing to turn our creative ideas into a polished product, allowing us to leave behind the possibility of missing out on other valuable work. If you want to make yourself more valuable at work, ask for help. Your colleagues will love you for it.

        They have your back

        You’ll find that many business leaders are very understanding when you don’t do everything. As they work in a cut-throat market, they need talented people working for them who have their backs and understand that a good content director is like a brilliant champion in a sport, constantly working to improve their performance. A content director will often promote other people’s work and encourage feedback to make the final product better and more valuable.

        Good content starts with a lead

        It’s often recommended that you write a lead to write the story, but often it’s tempting to leave it up to a good idea that just comes to you.

        A good idea should be something that is supported by research, and once you find an interesting story, the editor will want to hear it. When a good idea doesn’t exist, a great content director has to take a creative concept and make it into a successful story.

        They have to promote you

        I’ve found that a lot of content directors will help their colleagues promote the work, but this is more about getting other people to love your ideas, making the work appear special. A great content director needs to be a key figure in the business.

        Some of the best content directors are the kind of people who do something different from their colleagues. An editor with a marketing background will be more interested in branding and promotion for your content, and even putting your ideas in the right places, rather than allowing you to do it. A good content director will promote the content they work on, even if it doesn’t get the most attention or promotion.

        They promote you, too

        This can make a huge difference to your success.

        A great content director will create a supportive environment at work, giving you the space and opportunity to improve, and even if that’s not part of their job, it’s likely that they would try to find ways to help you.

        We work at different locations, so promoting you at other places may be more challenging. With so many people looking at your own work, your efforts to make yourself valuable at work are certainly worthy.

        They can’t be negative

        One of the biggest problems for content directors is negative comments.

        Positive comments make them feel good, but negative comments make them focus on the problem and not the great ideas.

        A great content director will encourage all the positive comments and take a moment to reflect on them.

        The golden rule of content is to ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers.

        They have to want to change

        Every business is different and adapting your work to make it relevant to your audience, new needs and changes in technology can be a huge challenge.

        The more you can stay up-to-date with new techniques and skills, the better, but the business won’t always be willing to accept the need to change. A content director needs to understand the challenges and be able to offer helpful feedback to you.


        • Be accessible to your editorial, email and social teams
        • Collaborate with fellow CEOs, reporters and the entire marketing team
        • Learn to delegate effectively

        A good content director has to have a personality, a personality that can work with the whole team and a personality that can change the way your business works.

        In short, a great content director must change the way they work, and when you look at all the aspects of being a content director, this has to be your number one focus.


        What makes a great Content Director? and 8 tips to make your work just as successful