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        10 Predictions and Success Tips for Social Media Managers in 2021

        It is now getting so much harder to get your company or brand noticed in the Internet-scape of Facebook and Twitter. For 2021, brands will need to evolve to give visitors their attention in new ways or risk being lost in the shuffle. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s crucial for brands and marketers to learn how to optimise their social media tactics, and give their messages the best chance of gaining traction.

        Carson McCann, Head of Digital Marketing, State Farm

        The one piece of advice I can give is don’t be afraid to stand out. We see it all the time with the top brands on social media – they are definitely not afraid to be themselves, but they’re willing to invest in a good strategy to stay at the top of their game. It’s never going to be easy, so they’re being smart about their social media strategy.

        Holly Vinduska, CMO, Swizzler

        Experiential marketing is the big thing for the coming years. Brands will leverage social conversations around major events in ways you’ve never seen before, from delicious treats to limited-time offers, or by leveraging offline and virtual interactions.

        Linda Jiang, Director of Digital Marketing, Magma KPP

        Our advice is to do more – and build more than one social channel. Each channel brings different strengths and a unique engagement strategy for the brand. However, one thing is certain, and that’s that engagement is key for engaging your audience, whether that’s with media or messaging. We also advise companies to consider social in a data-driven way, because it’s the fuel that keeps them relevant for today’s consumers.

        Ella Stokes, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft

        Social is the digital channel that people spend the most time on – so the more time you spend on a brand’s social platform, the better. However, you also want to use social to be engaging, provide context, and focus on a specific topic that has both meaning and depth for your audience.

        Grace Tunstall, Account Executive, Squarespace

        The biggest trend in social media is tied to the consumer. People are in control of their narrative, so brands have to embrace social media by giving people the tools to tell their story, provide them with reasons to share and the ability to connect with others.




        Neil Stephens, CEO and Founder, Meere

        The one thing we can predict is that the consumer will become more focused on the product or service offered rather than a brand. Social platforms have been flooded with what I call ‘here’s what you should do; here’s what I think; here’s what I’m wearing’, so the real focus of any communication should be about the user and their experience with the product or service.

        Esther Chen, Account Manager, TED

        It’s no secret that video is the dominant medium of communication on Facebook and Instagram. The importance of video across platforms – both on and off Facebook – will change significantly. Facebook has launched tools like 360-degree video and Facebook Watch, and is experimenting with content recommendations in the news feed. These steps have the potential to redefine the way users experience video on Facebook. Meanwhile, Instagram has also launched IGTV, a service that brings longer-form content to the app.

        Charles Neuhauser, CMO, PepsiCo

        I don’t expect to see a new big social platform emerge, as we’ve seen them emerge in past years. Instead, I think the challenge for brands will be to figure out how to tap into a user’s emotional connection through content that’s relevant and engaging. To me, social media is about making the experience more personal and giving the user an opportunity to interact with you. The important part is to truly understand your customers and the pain points they have, then go find unique and fresh content that’s relevant to them.




        Dave Meehan, Director of Digital Marketing, KFC

        More brands will take a stand, in all areas of their business. These brands will be those that we all care about. They will use social to showcase their values. Brands will continue to work with influencers to create engaging content for their fans. Brands will leverage social to engage their customers, and help them decide where to spend their time and money.

        Steve Butler, Director of Digital Marketing, Droga5

        Video’s massive growth this year will extend into the next – so it’s worth stepping up your game when it comes to original and relevant video. We’ll see more publishers, brands and entertainers utilizing the space to tell great stories. And don’t worry if your content isn’t 100 percent video. Video can also incorporate elements of video and other social channels. You don’t need to get rid of other social assets to focus on video.

        So what are your predictions for 2021, and can you offer any tips?


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        10 Predictions and Success Tips for Social Media Managers in 2021