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        The Vital Importance of Hiring Staff That Align With Your Business Ethics and Work Culture

        Every business has a Corporate Social Responsibility, and though many perceive CSR to be our external practices like how we care for the environment (as that’s what stakeholders judge us by), there are internal processes that can benefit from strong business ethics and a fine-tuned work culture.

        Looking after staff is a priority for maintaining wellbeing and reducing sick days caused by stress, but it also plays a key part in self-motivation, streamlined teamwork, and efficient business processes. With a world focused around the idea of “Continous Improvement”, and constantly chasing the next big discovery: how can you bring your focus a little closer to home, and equip your staff with the tools for improved mental health? By aligning your goals and ethics with new hires – creating the perfect work culture for open conversations and staff that feel valued.

        The Impact of Goal Alignment in the Workplace

        Teams that are moving in the same direction with the same goals are likely to have fewer disagreements. Instead of your marketing director fighting with the R&D department over who deserves more budget, having a strong work culture in place improves communication, understanding, and allows staff to widen their perspectives and respect others’ points of view.

        How to Incorporate Strong Work Culture

        A strong work culture stems from clear work values, business ethics, and maintaining your rightful Corporate Social Responsibility. Staff that share their beliefs with their workplaces are found to be 23% more loyal, and 32% of job seekers are even “willing to settle for a lower-paying job if it means the corporate culture and work is more aligned with their goals”. To cultivate an environment your staff enjoy working in, we recommend:

        1. Setting company-wide goals.
        2. Promoting diversity and inclusion.
        3. Rewarding and celebrating employee progress.
        4. Be transparent of expectations in employee onboarding.
        5. Outlining clear business ethics with a zero-tolerance policy.
        6. Being flexible by accepting and utilizing employee feedback.


        Corporate Social Responsibility in Hiring Processes

        Part of running a successful workplace is being mindful during hiring processes. Recruiting according to your business ethics and maintaining important labour policies will help you attract and retain top talent, no matter your industry. Transparency in pay and clearly outlining job role tasks will help you onboard staff who truly want to work for you, and your company.

        What to Look For During Hiring Processes

        Hiring according to your business ethics can be as simple as expanding your interview questions to query staff expectations of your workplace. Similarly, you can revolve questions about ethical practises close to your heart – such as whether they do any volunteering for charity. One lesser-known way to hire new staff who fit in well with your company culture is to involve more staff members in hiring. Trial shifts will help team members judge who will make the best addition to the group, according to characteristics as well as work ability and skillset.

        Additionally, you can involve expert recruiters who know what to look out for during onboarding (expert recruiters like us).


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        The Vital Importance of Hiring Staff That Align With Your Business Ethics and Work Culture