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        8 benefits of working with a trusted recruitment partner

        Traditional hiring processes – a thing of the past?

        Gone are the days where posting an advert on LinkedIn or whichever job board has the best offer at the time, is all you need to do to find your latest hire. Across most markets there is a critical skills-shortage – demand for high-quality candidates outweighs supply, and competition for the candidates who are available is fierce, meaning employers are having to find new and creative ways to attract talent.

        The recruitment process can be costly, time-consuming and arduous at best, completely unsuccessful at worst, and hiring managers are realising they require some extra support.

        Here are 8 benefits to partnering with a trusted recruiter:

        1. Provide full support throughout the hiring process

        A true recruitment partner will provide full support throughout the entire process, from taking a brief to advertising the roles, actively searching for candidates, conducting initial interviews, shortlisting CVs, arranging interviews and delivering two-way feedback, managing the offer/negotiation stage, to supporting candidates with resignations and counter offers. A good recruiter will often support the onboarding process, too, keeping in touch with the new hire to ensure they settle in well.

        1. Faithfully represent your brand

        A good recruitment partner will take the time to get to know you and your business inside out. This will enable them to position your company in the best possible light and faithfully represent your brand, your culture and all the things that are important to you as a business. They will use this knowledge to present you with candidates that are a good culture fit which is crucial in increasing retention rates.

        1. Identify hard to find talent

        The best candidates don’t often have their CVs on job boards and don’t always have a LinkedIn profile. A good recruiter, especially one who specialises in a particular industry sector, will have access to passive candidates through their own network, professional networks, and via recommendations from other candidates and clients. A good recruiter knows where to look, is not afraid to reach out and respectfully approach potential candidates, and will leave no stone unturned.

        1. Offer valuable industry insight

        A recruiter with specialist market knowledge can offer invaluable industry insight that hiring managers and organisations can massively benefit from. They’re entrenched in their industry sector – they know what drives candidates to change jobs, they know what salaries need to be, they’re aware of skills shortages, the latest industry legislation or any other market trends.

        1. Unbeatable recruitment experience

        As a hiring manager, recruitment would be a small part of your role. As a recruiter, it is 100% their role, so of course, they stand to be more effective. Not only can they dedicate themselves entirely to your requirements, they’ve been doing this role day in and day out, and such experience is unparalleled. They know how to write a compelling and high-ranking job ad, they know how to position your company to potential candidates, and they can quickly sift through dozens of CVs and spot strengths or weaknesses immediately. They’re tenacious and they’ll give it their all – after all, if they don’t deliver, they don’t get paid.

        1. Assist with your Diversity and Inclusion commitments

        Recruiters can help you to be a more diverse and inclusive employer, by understanding your D&I commitments and applying them to the recruitment process without bias.

        1. Save you time and money

        The recruitment process is not quick, easy, or cheap. Hiring managers can spend inordinate amounts of time sifting through unsuitable CVs or interviewing unsuitable candidates to no suitable conclusion. A good recruiter is professionally trained to quickly assess candidates – they know what to look for, what questions to ask, and can spot any red flags early on in the process. They will also quickly and efficiently schedule interviews and manage other administrative duties, handle candidate follow-ups and gather feedback after interviews, check references and undertake salary negotiations. All so you don’t have to.

        1. Provide contract or interim resource at short notice

        For times when a project is behind schedule, numbers are thin on the ground, or you just need to flex resources, a recruiter can provide contract or interim solutions to alleviate any immediate issues.


        Identifying the right recruitment partner

        A genuine recruitment partner will invest their time in getting to know you and your business, to ensure they represent you as best they can and to ensure they get the best candidate fit, both personally and professionally. They won’t be overly sales-y and they won’t pressure you or rush you. They won’t spam you with high numbers of CVs or attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole. Their fees will be fair and representative of the work they are doing.


        Playing your part

        A true partnership is a two-way street. You’re busy, but it’s imperative that you invest some time at the beginning of the process to enable your recruiter to get to know you and your business, understand your roles, and any specific needs you may have. Keep communication open, be there to answer any questions via telephone or email. Act quickly on CVs or after interviews have taken place – there’s nothing more soul-crushing than spending weeks finding the right candidate, only to lose them to a competitor because the hiring manager took too long to come back. The same applies at offer stage. Give as much commitment as your recruiter – remember your input is imperative, and if you work as a true partnership you’ll be in the best possible position to attract the best candidates in the market.


        Employers fully recognise the value of top talent – those individuals that can drive their business forwards and boost the bottom line


        About Ross Clifford Associates


        Forget everything you know about Recruiters – traditional recruitment processes are broken. If you want to attract the Top 15% of candidates there needs to be a different approach, and we can help you.



        We listen. We understand. We care.

        With two decades in executive search we’re entrenched in the sectors we cover, and our knowledge runs deep. We use intelligent search methods to connect with top talent, allowing us to connect with the best talent and deliver time and again. We don’t just provide CVs, we provide the talent and support to help your business grow.   

        If you’re a client looking for your next big-hitter or a candidate looking for your next move, connect with us today, and see for yourself how we do things differently.


        8 benefits of working with a trusted recruitment partner