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        What Leadership Will Look Like Across the Creative Industry in 2022  

        If you haven’t heard the news: leadership is evolving. No longer is an ideal leader able to instil fear amongst colleagues, but rather should focus on forging relationships built on trust. In an article published 10 years ago, overriding leadership traits were:

        • Self-confidence
        • Internal focus of control
        • Personal integrity
        • Socialized power motivation
        • High achievement orientation
        • Emotional stability and maturity

        Just last year, the recruitment industry demonstrated top desirable leadership features were empathy, adaptability, and holding to clear, strong values.

        In the creative industry in particular, we’re facing a change in expected working conditions. Alongside empathy comes the understanding of work-life balance, and clear values motivate leaders to award time off, longer breaks, and recognize the devastation of creative burn-out.

        The pandemic revealed the importance of employee wellbeing for productivity and output, and leaders across the world were forced to make huge movements to open up communication channels, design support networks, and become emotionally available for their staff.

        The Future of Leadership Roles

        There’s no denying that leadership roles are coming with new expectations – encouraging people in command to show compassion alongside their ability to make tough decisions.

        No longer are nameless, faceless CEOs the norm – but rather, personal branding and social media have allowed workplaces to cultivate corporate culture of communication right to the very core. Support and motivation are essential in a creative environment, where many “artists” are reliant on feedback from those around them to judge their own skills.

        As a result, encouraging staff and fostering a great environment to work in starts from having a nice person to work for.

        With 37% of staff members reporting bad bosses as the main reason for their decision to quit, it’s actually becoming vital for businesses to train leaders to be up-to-date with current standards and expectations. Turnover is a huge cost for many businesses, and the solution appears to be adapting leadership positions to provide creative staff with leaders they can trust.

        Leadership in 2022

        In 2022, recruiters at RC&A anticipate that leadership roles will be continuously harder to fill for skilled creative industries like Marketing, Research & Development, and SaaS industries. This is due to the increasing demand for new experienced leader characteristics that aren’t yet readily available on resumes (making it hard for digital application processing programmes to flag up these keywords).

        In-demand leadership traits are expected to be:

        1. High emotional intelligence, with incredible awareness and empathy of those around them.
        2. Strong thought leadership, with powerful motivators leading by example (and only asking staff to do jobs they’d be happy completing themselves).
        3. Ethical and compassionate candidates who can look past subconscious bias and influence the working environment.

        True leadership is about influence, not power.

        Additionally, part of being a great leader is making the best choices for your team, and maintaining employee wellbeing by balancing workloads.

        If you’re a creative industry forecasting growth through early 2022, reach out to RC&A for help filling leadership roles in advance.


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        What Leadership Will Look Like Across the Creative Industry in 2022