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        How to Boost Your Online Traffic With Efficient Content Marketing (& Why You Should Have A Content Director)

        There’s an emerging trend in our business economy, and it’s the ever-increasing reliance on the internet. Last year, the world saw a huge shift in our retail landscape, with 60% more businesses adopting digital models, opening up online shops, updating their websites, and closing brick and mortar stores.

        No longer do we visit the local high street and settle on available goods and services, our ability to shop around has increased ten-fold – and so has our access to substitute goods.

        Shipments from across the world travel right to our door, and, in a market where your business may share prospective customers with an international competitor, you need to perfect your online marketing strategies – by making full use of social media, websites, and even Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

        How? Through effective content marketing.

        Best Practices for Content Marketing

        For businesses looking to improve their online traffic, quality content marketing is key. However, there is a fine line you have to balance: pleasing Google’s Algorithm and pleasing your customers. Here are 7 basic ways to do so:

        1. Use Internal and External Links: Hyperlinks are a great tool for SEO efforts. They take your customer from Point A to Point B and allow you to increase conversion rates through convenience. That’s not all. Linkbuilding is a great way to forge steadfast relationships between businesses and has been called “the foundation of the internet.”

        1. Keyword Research: If you regularly frequent digital marketing articles, there’s no doubt you’ll have seen the conversations about the importance of keyword research. Getting into your consumer’s mindset and creating content that solves their problems is a great way to improve click-through rates and traffic to your website.
        2. Add Value: High-quality content brings value to your audience, improving retention times, reducing bounce rates, and therefore pleasing Google’s Algorithm (which measures on-page site times as part of your search engine ranking results). Adding value to your content could be as simple as answering FAQs, building “how-to” guides, and publishing product comparison articles.
        3. Structure: Carefully considering the layout and structure of your article is another easy way to improve your online traffic. Splitting text into digestible sections (around 55-word paragraphs) and using detailed headings can help your users navigate your content, as well as the smart search page AI that scans your site to suggest it to users.
        4. Cross Post: Maximise your content marketing efforts by cross-posting articles to your social media pages. Not only will this target high-intent customers who are already loyal to your brand, but you never know who might love the content you have created! Sharing it with more people gives you a higher potential to pick up new sales.
        5. Use Tools: A lot of business owners make the mistake of facing “the void” alone. However, there are plenty of free tools out there to help you optimise your content marketing. Ubersuggest by Neil Patel will help with keyword research, and any CRM system can help you cross-post your content.

        6. Hire a Content Director: In marketing, consistency is key. Hiring a content director who can focus their full-time efforts on improving your website traffic is bound to pay off in the long run.


        Reasons to Hire a Content Director

        There are many benefits to hiring a content director, and their commitment and ability to focus completely on assigned projects are just two advantages of many. Additionally:

        Content is Time-Consuming

        For business owners who aren’t confident with writing, content creation can take hours (between 1-6 according to CoSchedule). Alongside lengthy keyword research and customer targeting – having a content director takes the responsibility out of your hands.

        You’ll Perfect Your Brand Voice

        A strong brand voice is a great “win” for any company, and a content director will help you establish a consistent voice across the board.

        Attract High-Intent Customers

        A high Google SERP ranking helps connect you with high-intent customers in the “gathering information” stage of their buyers’ journey. They are actively looking for products you sell or a solution you can offer. Content Directors can help you target these searchers and, as a result, bring organic traffic that makes great use of the budget invested in their wage for a high ROI.

        Unique Expertise and Insight

        The best Content Directors “create a supportive environment at work, giving people the space and opportunity to improve, and even if that’s not part of their job.”

        Handing over control of difficult tasks like social media management allows you, and your staff, to focus on what they are good at. This is bound to make a positive difference in your business life, through encouraging staff wellbeing, allowing employees to focus on their personal career aspirations, and distributing tasks evenly for a better-managed workforce.

        If you need help finding a Content Director that’s the best fit for you and your business, Ross Clifford & Associates specialises in finding businesses highly skilled, experienced, marketing talent. Reach out to us now.


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        How to Boost Your Online Traffic With Efficient Content Marketing (& Why You Should Have A Content Director)