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        Featured Snippets – a brief guide

        Optimising content to attract traffic to your website can be a battle, and you may find that even your best material still doesn’t rank anywhere near the top of a SERP. However – there are means to increase the visibility of your content, and one of the ways to achieve this is via featured snippets. If you can earn a featured snippet spot, you’ll attract traffic and expand your reach exponentially.

        What is a featured snippet?

        A featured snippet is an excerpt of content that appears at the top of a Google search results page, its aim being to provide a short, quick answer to a particular search query. It highlights a certain part of a webpage that contains the relevant information, and the information or snippet can be displayed as a short paragraph of text, a bulleted or numbered list, a table, chart or even a video. This content is presented before the first natural result on a search results page and is often referred to as Position Zero or Position 0.

        Why are featured snippets important?

        In short, they’re SEO gold. A featured snippet is extremely useful when a searcher is looking for a quick, concise answer to a particular query, as they can easily see the snippet or answer without having to wade through the websites that appear on the SERP. They grab the searcher’s attention and increase the chances of them clicking through to your website. In short, earning Position 0 enhances your visibility, increases your click-through rate and ultimately your traffic, as well as boosting your credibility. In addition, it helps you to capitalise on increasingly popular voice technology as more people use virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, who use such snippets to answer questions.


        How can I achieve position zero?

        There’s no silver bullet, and there’s no guarantee that you will snag the top spot. However, Google’s algorithms continually evaluate snippets and search rankings to assess which content provides the most valuable information for certain queries, and so there are ways you can increase your chances of being the provider of the most useful information. Think of a featured snippet as a means to answering one of the five W questions – Who, What, Where, When, Why? If your content succinctly and concisely answers a certain question (such as How do I bake bread?) you will have more chance of achieving Position 0. To summarise, you can increase your chances if you:

        • Think of certain questions that are relevant to your content and familiarise yourself with potential answers. Search these questions on Google and see how your competitors are answering them.
        • Ensure you have an effective, targeted keyword strategy.
        • Optimise the content on your page/s by creating clear, concise content, and keep it fact-based.
        • Use effective headings and subheadings (hint, use the question as a header and don’t forget to incorporate keywords).
        • Include high-quality images or videos on your page, or structured data if relevant.
        • Utilise the tools in Google Search Console to analyse the success of your content and evaluate search rankings.


        Should Position 0 be my main goal?

        Reaching Position Zero doesn’t need to be your main SEO goal as you’re not guaranteed to get there, however, Position 0 results are continuing to gain prevalence and an increasing number of businesses are utilising them as a means to increase their traffic and CTR. Perhaps it’s wise to add it to your marketing strategy and optimise your site for P0 rankings – what have you got to lose?


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        Featured Snippets – a brief guide